The persons who want to receive education in the United States of America for a period shorter than 12 weeks receive visa of maximum 3 months. The visa is given for minimum 1 year thanks to the Sevis fee of 200$ to be paid for application for 12 weeks and longer. If any person who makes application for a period shorter than 12 weeks wants to receive visa for a long period, he/she can pay the Sevis fee of 200$ again and extend his/her visa. Visa period is a situation within the initiative of the consulate.
We can name the United States of America visa as a luck focused visa because the result is determined relying on the interview held rather than checking the documents. For this reason the things that the person who goes to the appointment are to express themselves properly and clearly and appear presentable.

Documents to be Prepared by Eduventure Abroad Education Consultancy;
  • Documents related to the education to be received,
  • Accommodation details,
  • Documents specifying your travel plan.
Documents to be Prepared under the Control of Eduventure Abroad Education Consultancy;
  • Your passport valid for the period of your planned stay in the United States of America and you former passports if any (Detailed information about the passports are available here)
  • 3 photographs taken within the last 6 months
  • If you are employed, your payroll for the last 3 months, the letter indicating that you have been given leave from your business place and that you will continue to work there when you turn back and your insurance inventory for the last 3 months
  • If your family is employed with payroll, their payroll for the last 3 months and the company letter indicating the position and period of employment of your family. If your family is owner of company, the certificate of activity received from the chamber of industry and commerce, tax board not indicating loss, circular of signature, coy of official gazette. If your family is self-employed, tax board not indicating loss
  • The treasury stock, repo, bond breakdowns, credit card extracts, title deeds of land, apartment and shop, vehicle licenses belonging to you or your family if any,
  • Documents indicating that you could effort the costs of education, accommodation and living in the United States of America

The details of those documents shall be explained to you in detail by the consultants of Eduventure Abroad Education Consultancy and shall be collected under the control of the consultants.

Documents to be Prepared by the Student;
  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Certificate of identity register copy
  • Photocopy of the certificate of marriage if you are married
  • Student certificate if you are a student
  • Your diplomas if you are graduate. (temporary certificate of graduation, if you are in the course of graduation)
  • Document indicating the military service status of male candidates who are not students
  • Certificate of identity register copy
  • Document(s) indicating English education that you have received up to date if any
  • Appointment, visa and sevis fee
After the documents are prepared;

The consultants of Eduventure Abroad Education shall fully complete the visa application form together with you. After completing the form, appointment shall be taken on/at any date and time convenient for you and you will be given consultancy service in detail about consulate contact details and the things you should perform in the consulate while the file prepared is delivered to you.

Short Notes;
  • While English translations of certain documents are required, photocopies of other documents are sufficient. Our consultants shall give you the detailed information in this regard.


  • Visa fee USD 160
  • Sevice fee USD 200
  • 160 Dollars are for appointment and 200 Dollars are SEVIS Fee. This makes total application fee of 360 Dollars. (200$ sevis fee is not compulsory for visas for a period shorter than 12 weeks.)
  • All details of I-20 received from the school should be exactly the same. One should go to the appointment with original of I-20.
  • If visa is rejected, the passport is directly returned. If the answer is positive, the passport is taken and sent within two or 3 days to the PTT branch which we will notify in advance.
  • School payment is made after the visa is received.
  • Our consultants shall inform you about where and how the fee shall be deposited.
  • After the appointment is taken online, the visa application is performed only in Ankara and Istanbul in the form of interview.
  • The result of the visa is notified after the interview (on the same day).