What is the most important thing in life?

Money? Job? Happiness? None of them. The most important thing in life is our preferences. As Eduventure, we are well aware how important the correct guide and preferences made are in human life. As Eduventure, we have departed together with our specialist abroad education consultants who live in many different countries in order to provide you the most realistic abroad education consultancy and career consultancy in Turkey and in the world. We are closer to you than your family with our offices in London, Istanbul and our representative offices in many European countries.

It is now very easy to be a citizen of a country with population of 7.5 billions. You can be a world citizen too through abroad education. You can open the doors of your life to the world by receiving high quality education at universities in many European countries with accreditation by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) in top ranks in the world ranking.

We are the office of admissions of the best schools of foreign languages of the United Kingdom. Contact us for free consultancy and registration.

Who are we?

As Eduventure abroad education consultancy, we are well aware of significance of being a citizen of world. We guide our students for making the best preference and accompany them throughout their education lives in the capacity of the office of admissions of many universities which take place in the top ranks in the list of “The Best Universities of the World” published every year by QS ranking and which are given accreditation by YÖK (Council of Higher Education).

Our Vision

Is creation a good student, a good person and a good society who is loyal to national and spiritual values, who adopt social values, who pay significance and can interpret contemporary scientific thinking, who is open for communication, whose psychological health and development is good, who synthesizes positive sciences and social sciences.

Our Mission

Is accompanying the students who contact us to receive education abroad in their decision stages, providing consultancy, allowing them to reach clear information and truth, performing and managing registration, visa, ticket and accommodation booking related to abroad education.