The thing to be performed as a priority for Ireland Visa is sending the entire fee of the school of foreign language to the school. This rule is not valid for any country other than Australia, Malta and Ireland. Since Ireland Consulate wants to see in the visa file the abstract account indicating that the school fee has been paid before the visa, all students have to pay the entire fee before the visa. At that point, if the visa application results negatively, the fee paid is returned to the student.

All Ireland visas are given for 3 months in the first stage. Our students who will go for a period longer than 3 months have to extend their visas in Ireland. As it is the case in all countries, the persons who will make visa application or their sponsors have to have a certain amount of money in their accounts. This amount varies from one country to the other.

Another significant document in Ireland is the letter of intent. The important information apart from these are given as follows:

  • The application should be made by means of VFS Global Visa Center.
  • The online form is completed by Eduventure visa team.
  • The students can go to VFS Global having the school acceptance documents with them and make application on weekdays from 08:30 to 15:30.
  • All documents should have been translated into English by a sworn translator.
  • VFS Global may request for supplementary documents if it deems necessary.
  • Visa assessments can last longer compared to other visas particularly in long term applications.