Although it varies from one country to the other, students are generally entitled to be employed in the country where they are, during 1 or 2 years following the end of the Master programs. You can receive the detailed information about the subject from our education consultants.

Studying at master & MBA level abroad should not be perceived as going to school and receiving education but should be dealt with much broader point of view. Preferring abroad for such educations first of all means learning all details related to the field on which we study in any other language and culture. It is bringing you many thinking forms and logic of many different brains, culture of many different countries and the strategies in the business world and reunite you in the same language. This is something like gathering many countries in the world inside a single room. Thanks to this education that you will receive abroad you will pass beyond thousands of persons who graduate simultaneously with you. This will first and foremost allow you to become a person who creates difference.

You can receive education in virtually all countries today through master and MBA programs abroad which have more popularized. Particularly MBA program is a program which started to be used in the United States of America approximately 100 years ago. Additionally the United Kingdom and Canada are among attractive countries. However the European Union countries including Germany, Austria and Italy have recently started to become a current issue with attractive options. Those countries becoming a current issue has both increased diversity and allowed the students of any budget to receive education. The prices of master education abroad vary.  For example, master education in Germany is free. It is possible to receive master education for an annual fee of 750-1000 Euros in Austria. Even very prestigious universities in Italy both give a large portion of education fee as scholarship and offer 1-year Italian education as promotion accompanied by the master program that you performed in English.

The programs of master or PhD abroad offer you broad freedom in terms of field selection. It is a compulsion in master and particularly PhD programs in our countries to continue with the undergraduate program and the persons who continue with his/her education in any different field have troubles. Since it is not compulsory to continue with the undergraduate or master program for the master and PhD programs in many foreign countries, it is possible to receive education in double major programs.

What are the conditions for master abroad? The fundamental conditions of education abroad include proficiency in English. However thanks to bridge programs like pre-master in Eduventure it shall be much easier for you to improve your foreign language and to be transferred to any program. The other condition sought is having average point in your academic record fits the education that you will receive and premaster shall provide you facility in this regard in many options. Furthermore while certain universities seek for examinations like GRE GMAT, acceptance is provided through an examination held as substitution for those examinations particularly in EU countries.

Another advantage of the master programs abroad is that you have the chance to undergo training after master. Thanks to this chance offered by many countries, you will both be specialized in your field and increase your references. Furthermore certain countries offer the chance of being employed while performing master. For example the United States of America allows for part-time employment inside the campus during master. Thanks to this, you can receive education on one hand and earn your master costs.

Eduventure advances together with the distinguished research universities in abroad master education. Broad libraries, big and disciplined research centers, institutes, laboratories are available for all students in virtually all universities to be selected. What you should do is merely to tidy your baggage and depart toward your dreams in order to construct your future.