Parents prefer abroad summer schools in the period when schools are closed and the summer holiday starts in order to have their children to pass their holidays more actively and productively. In this manner the students can both have experience of abroad and learn discovering different cultures at early ages. They make friends from other countries and they have an extraordinary experience of summer school while receiving foreign language education. Such experience to be gained at early age affects personal development, self confidence of the student and his point of view toward events. Many students within the age range of 8-17 have this experience. Families who will be away from their children perhaps for the first time shall give their children the chance to develop their personal responsibility feelings. The earlier this step is taken, the more learning outcomes they will have.

Summer school organizations are available in many countries particularly including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Malta, Italy and Canada. Parents and students may take any decisions based on their expectations and preferences. All summer schools offer many social activity means while improving the language levels of the students. The students shall learn while they amuse themselves and develop themselves. The students can participate in summer school programs both alone and together with one or both of their parents.

Courses prepared for different age groups aim at making the students feel more comfortably and socialize with one another easily. Accommodation at summer schools is controlled sensitively particularly because the students are of young age group and all needs and means are taken into consideration in choices.

The students may either participate in programs in the form of foreign language education + activity within the cope of the summer school programs or they may participate in thematic or academic summer school programs.

You can examine our Rustic Pathways page for thematic summer school programs. Rustic Pathways involves our youngsters in social responsibility projects including cleaning the beaches off wastes, assistance for villagers, techniques for protecting dolphins and assistance for needy children and aims at offering unforgettable experience for our youngsters, which will fit their curriculum vitae.

The high school students who want to study at a university abroad at the top of world university ranking are required to start their preparations at very early ages. Every year hundreds of students both receive academic courses through the Pre-College program within the best universities of the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada and participate in tour and activity programs specially prepared for students and gain very significant experience in the process of transition from high school to university. You can be informed in detail about such programs by examining our Academic Summer Schools page.