International “Fast Track” High School Completion Program:

The fastest and most reliable way to complete high school in the United States of America and to receive correct credit at bachelor’s degree! Through this program the students can receive Washington State High School Diploma and transferrable university credits simultaneously.

Sve time and money! Make only a single payment for courses which will be valid for both high school diploma and a university degree within the same period of time. While you study at 3rd and 4th grades of high school, complete the 1st and 2nd grades of University with the same fee within the same period of time…!


You can receive Washington State high school diploma in the fastest manner and gain credits for bachelor’s degree education.

This program both allows the students to receive Washington State high school diploma and the chance of credit for bachelor’s degree (university) education within the same period of time. The period for completing this program is approximately 2 years, considering the level of English knowledge. Within this period, the students shall have received the credits (courses) for their foundation educations (University transfer). Accordingly, the students who are enrolled in Pierce University Fast Education Program shall be able to complete their course credits necessary for both high school diploma and university foundation diploma. They can receive both high school diploma and bachelor’s degree (university) education making a single payment.

Functioning of the program:

  • Evaluation of high school academic record and receiving credits necessary for bachelor’s degree education at Pierce University.
  • Being entitled for Washington State High School Diploma and Graduating from Foundation Education (2+2 = 2 Years !?)
  • Being transferred to any other University of the United States of America in order to complete 3rd and 4th grade bachelor’s degree education with the Diploma of Pierce University (2+2 = 4 Years)


  1. The students should be minimum 16 years old on the date when they will start their education in Pierce College.
  2. The students who has received high school diploma in the USA or in the country from which they come cannot participate in this program. Those students should continue with their bachelor’s degree education through Pierce College 2+2 system.

Conditions Necessary for Foreign Language Proficiency:

The students whose English language knowledge is not at college level (sufficient for receiving academic education at university) can participate in classes containing Intensive English Program and then continue with the International Fast Education Program. The students with sufficient English language knowledge can participate in the International Fast Education Program if they prove their proficiency during their application.

In this case: TOEFL score should be 61(IBT) /173(CBT)/ 500(PBT) or higher. IELTS examination result should not be lower than 5,0. The students who have completed the Academic programs of Kaplan, ESL, NESE and certain Schools of Foreign Language and who have some of Cambridge Language Certificates can also participate in academic programs without receiving English Preparatory Education at Pierce College. The students who do not have any of those conditions can participate in Intensive English Programs at Pierce College depending on their achievement in the placement test.

Campus Facilities:

Nationally accredited awarded libraries equipped with state of art information technologies, free internet in computer rooms and cafeterias, private lesson center providing free service, new fitness center indoor and outdoor sport areas.

Services and Activities for International Students:

Our International Student Programs Office with a rather good personnel cadre provides support for international students for school enrollment processes, orientation program, rules of living in the USA for non-immigrants, social activities, academic consultancy and transfer to any other United States of American University for continuing 3rd and 4th grade bachelor’s degree education.

Our International Student Programs Office organizes many exciting activities and tours. Our university with broad variety, various campus theater groups and music groups help the international students with making new friends. The campus and our local resources are available for use by students of all cultures and languages.


Students can live with a local American family chosen carefully by the school management and directly gain experience of American culture or rent an apartment in the tranquil milieu surrounding the campus.