The students who will go to Canada for education for 6 months and longer are given a ‘’Study Permit Visa’’. This type of visa is given for the period of education. However the students who want to extend their education after completing the current education can extend the period of their Canada visa .

As it is the case with all countries the persons who will apply for visa or their sponsors have to have money of the amount proving that they could effort the school, accommodation and living costs. In addition to the money of the amount that could effort the school, accommodation and living costs in Canada, in the account of the sponsor or the student, it is necessary that there is money equal to the school fee in the account of the student.

The most significant document for Canada visa application is the letter of intent. The student should clearly express why he/she preferred Canada, how long he/she will stay in Canada and what he/she will do after his/her return. At that point, our specialist consultants provide free consultancy with respect to the letter of intent. The important information apart from these are given as follows:

  • The application should be made by means of VFS Global Visa Center.
  • The online form is completed by Eduventure visa team.
  • The students should go to VFS Global and make visa application taking the visa documents with them on the date and at the time of appointment mutually agreed by and between Eduventure and the student.
  • Furthermore fingerprint should be given as well when they go to VFS Global for visa application as required by the consulate of Canada.
  • All documents should have been translated into English by a sworn translator.
  • VFS Global may request for supplementary documents if it deems necessary.

Visa applications are concluded averagely within 1 week to 6 weeks.