The United Kingdom

University in the United Kingdom is one of the first alternatives that spring to mind when one says university abroad. The rooted UK universities are particularly famous with the high quality education they offer.

University education in the United Kingdom generally lasts for 3 years unlike it is the case in many other countries. The education season starts around September or October. The academic year is divided into three semesters.

Why to receive university education in the United Kingdom:

– To start your career a notch above in international arena and in your professional life

– The opportunity of high quality education in English at mother language level

– The opportunity to graduate from university within 3 years and complete master by studying for further 1 year

– Its location close to Turkey

– The opportunity of work permit for university students: full-time work permit for 20 hours a week and on holiday.

– Plus 1 year work permit at the end of graduate education in the United Kingdom (Scotland gives permit of 2 years.)

– The opportunity to be employed and undergo training in an English company thanks to this

–You can be enrolled in any department without entering in like LYS (Undergraduate Placement Examination), YGS (Transition to Higher Education Examination).



The period of undergraduate education is 3 years and it is possible to receive undergraduate degree in one of the following fields.

SCIENCES (BSc – Bachelor of Sciences)

SOCIAL SCIENCES (BA- Bachelor of Arts)

EDUCATION SCIENCES (Bed- Bachelor of Educations)

ENGINEERING  (BEng – Bachelor of Engineering)


Conditions of Acceptance to University in the United Kingdom

Any student has to have certificates of proficiency such as IGCSE, A-LEVEL, AS LEVEL, and GNVQ in order to be accepted in the university in the United Kingdom. Furthermore proficiency in English language is sought for foreign students. Furthermore foreign students have to receive INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION YEAR education for 1-2 academic years. Furthermore the student has to receive a pass grade from A-LEVEL or ABITUR, SAT examinations and to speak English at advanced level. In addition to these, the high school grades of the student (academic record), content of the UCAS form, reference letters and success in non-educative activities are very significant for acceptance.

Master in the United Kingdom

The graduate education generally lasts for 1 year as full time in the United Kingdom unlike many other countries and it lasts for 2 years in part-time education.

Master Application and Acceptance Criteria in the United Kingdom

  1. Undergraduate Diploma: Graduation from a 4-year university
  2. Academic Success: average graduation grade of 2.0 and higher. Certain prestigious universities require average point as high as 3.0. However it shall be possible to find a master program accepting with lower average grades through correct preference and ITEBS guidance. In any case, master in the United Kingdom is the best decision that you can make for your future.
  3. English Proficiency: The students who receive average grade of 6.5 from IELTS examination can participate in a master program in the United Kingdom.


What is Pre-Master Program?

Pre-master program is available in many universities. Certain universities provide pre-master program in contracted higher schools. Those programs are the preparatory program of the department where you want to receive graduate education.

What is Pre-session program?

Certain universities provide the students whose IELTS grade in the period of June–September is successful but insufficient with language education through courses of 4-12 weeks and allow them to get prepared for the master program.

Master Application Documents:

  • Undergraduate Diploma or student certificate for those who continue to study
  • Personal Statement (letter of intent)
  • CV
  • Undergraduate grade inventory (academic record) document
  • 2 Academic Reference Letters (to be received from university professors), 1 Employer or Training Reference Letter, Certificates, other Documents with which you could identify yourself
  • IELTS certificate



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